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Improving the playtime experience 

The idea for Tide Pool Play sprung as a necessary solution to the toy problem we found ourselves in as first-time parents. We were faced with the dilemma of wanting to provide our son with a wide range of playtime choices, while also being aware that most of the toys he had were destined for landfills. In 2.5yrs we had gradually filled up closets and toy storage bins with toys that weren't being used in the hope they will be used in the future. The turning point was the arrival of our second child - we had to make space for a new human and all her stuff. In a bid to reorganize and reclaim space in our home, we realized how much space baby things and unused toys had taken up. The cost, time required to reorganize and store toys that are purged at the end seemed wasteful. It was apparent that many other parents went through the same cycle of buying (or being gifted), storing, and purging. And so we started Tide Pool Play - a shared toy shelf to provide the variety and efficacy of a library with the added benefits of convenient delivery and returns. 
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Nadisha is the devoted mother of 4 year old
Jacques & 2-year-old Simone. She has a Ph.D. in molecular biology and is passionate about the environment and the transition to a circular economy​ 

Our Mission

To keep toys from filing up homes and landfills

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Less than 1% of toys are recycled at the end of their life, leading to a significant amount of waste. Through our ‘shared toy shelf’ model, children and families experience the joy and learning that toys bring without having to store or dispose of them.

To make it possible for families to minimize their carbon footprint

40% of all the toys made in the world are sold in the US - a majority of which are neglected after just a few uses. A shared toy can have a footprint that is almost 80% smaller. Through our parent and child-friendly process, we extend the use of each toy through multiple uses.

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To work with companies to support the shift to conscious consumption and circularity

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We help parents and children discover toys from brands that are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their products.

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