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  • How does the return process work?
    How often can I exchange my toys? You can exchange toys once every 2 months or keep them longer with an active membership. Ok, how does the exchange work? To request your new toys, log in to your account, add the toys to the cart, and submit your selection. You will get a confirmation about your selection and tracking information when the new toys are shipped. To return the previous toys, use the return photo guide to pack up the toys into the box they arrived in, stick the pre-paid return label and schedule a free home pick-up through your account page. You have 10 days to schedule your return after your new toys arrive. A late fee will be applied for unscheduled returns to ensure that the next family will receive their toys on time. We are parents and understand the beautiful chaos that is life with little children. We won't apply a late fee unless we absolutely have to. So please reach out to us first :]
  • What is the condition of the toys I get?
    Our mission is to create a zero-waste path for families to consume toys. With this goal in mind, we strive to extend the life of the toys we carry. The toys we circulate are all in good condition, sanitized, and quality checked after each use. You may receive a brand-new toy on occasion if your little ones are the first to love them.
  • How are the toys sanitized?
    Is it safe to use shared toys? Yes, all our toys are inspected, cleaned, and repackaged minimally before they are sent out to another family. We use the medical-grade disinfectant and sanitizer Force of Nature to clean our toys, which are then dried and packed in reusable cloth bags. Machine washable items are washed according to manufacturer-recommended protocol with non-toxic Blue Land laundry tablets.
  • What happens if I lose parts of a toy?
    We expect wear and tear on the toys-after all we want your kids to enjoy them thoroughly and for you as a parent not to have anxiety about them. In most instances, we are able to replace parts for a multi-piece toy without a replacement fee and we ask that you send the missing piece/s back in a subsequent box if you find it. What is not covered by my membership? A completely missing or unreturned toy, theft, and significant damage are not covered under your membership. In these cases, we have to charge you a fair amount based on the item's residual value to replace the item, which will not exceed 50% of the toy's retail cost.
  • Do I have to clean the toys before returning them?
    No, but we ask that you return the toys in sanitary condition. You can use a wipe or damp cloth to remove chunks of food, play dough etc. Please do not wash or submerge wooden or battery operated toys in water. We ensure all toys are sanitized and disinfected after each use.
  • How can I pause or cancel my subscription?
    You may pause or cancel your subscription anytime. You can request a cancellation anytime by emailing You can keep your toys until the end of the last monthly period for which you have paid and schedule a return. You will be notified when the toys have arrived back to us to complete the cancellation process. Whether it be a vacation, a birthday where guests gifted your littles a bunch of toys ( we've got Gift Memberships for that though), or anything in between-we get it. Request a pause on your membership anytime by emailing You can keep the toys until the last monthly period for which you have paid and schedule a return. You will be notified when the toys have arrived back to us. We are unable to process refunds.
  • Can I choose to return only some of the toys?
    You can choose to keep one or more of the toys longer and swap the rest. To do so, re-select the toys you wish to keep longer when selecting your new toys. If the item is unavailable, i.e. you aren't able to add it to your cart, send us a message and we will update it on our end.
  • Can I purchase a toy my child can’t part with?
    Yes, you can purchase it for a discounted price given its residual value. Please use the subject line 'Toy Purchase' to contact us at
  • Will I have to assemble any of the toys?
    Very rarely - we want to limit the workload for parents. If you do however, we will include special instructions for assembly/disassembly of larger toys so that they can be contained in the box. The toys that require assembly/disassembly are indicated in their description.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship nationwide, excluding Alaska & Hawaii. Please note that we are unable to ship to P.O. boxes.
  • Can I gift a subscription?
    Yes, we offer Gift Subscriptions which can be a wonderful guilt-free way to give the gift of playtime without adding to a home with existing toys. Grand Parents and friends and family can gift 2, 3, or 6-month gift subscriptions.
  • What is the age range of the toys you carry?
    Our selection includes toys for children ages 0-5+. With a Tide Pool Starter plan you can select play items suited for ages 0-5+. Tide Pool Kids plans are great for homes with kids of different ages and allow you to select toys from our complete inventory, suited for ages 0-5+ years.
  • Which brands do you carry?
    We carry Adena Montessori, Bangarang Toys, Dena, Djeco, Fat Brain Toys, Fisher-Price, Gonge, Green Toys, HABA, Hape, Heir & Loom Kids, Janod, LakeShore, LeapFrog, LEGO Duplo, Legler-smallfoot, Magnatiles, Manhattan Toy Co., Melissa & Doug, Montessori Outlet, PlanToys, SMART Toys & Games, Tegu, Wee Gallery, Yoto.
  • How many types of play items do you carry?
    We prioritize educational and open-ended play when researching new toys and brands. Our current selection includes 80 unique items for the 0-2 age group and 120 unique items for ages 2-5yrs.
  • How do you choose your toys?
    Toys are researched and chosen based on their quality, learning & skill building attributes, fun factors, and safety. We also strive to offer toys from brands that are working to reduce their impact on the climate i.e. using water-based paint, recycled plastic, and upcycled wood products.
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